New Orleans-based gangsta rapper Juvenile was born Terius Gray. After beginning his performing career in his teens, he released a 1995 album on Warlock titled Being Myself. He eventually crossed paths with Cash Money label owners Ronald "Suga Slim" and Brian "Baby" Williams, who issued 1996's Solja Rags; the album became a major underground hit and set the stage for the release of 1998's 400 Degreez. In 1999, with Juvenile's popularity growing, Solja Rags was reissued nationally, and Warlock jumped on the bandwagon with a remixed version of Being Myself. The year ended with the release of a new studio effort, Tha G-Code, followed by Project English two years later in 2001. In 2002 he left Cash Money and formed his own collective, the UTP Playas (Uptown Project Playas), with whom he recorded a posse album, The Compilation. The album went nowhere and a year later he was back on Cash Money and releasing Juve the Great, which featured the chart-topping hit "Slow Motion." The 2005 "Noila Clap" single from the UTP Playas was another big track, and Juvenile was ready once again to shop for a new label. As he was signing a new contract with Asylum, his Slidell, Louisiana home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane and its grim aftermath were hot topics on his chart-topping 2006 album Reality Check. His next two albums -- Cocky & Confident (2009) and Beast Mode (2010) -- featured much lighter material. In 2011 he released Rejuvenation, an album primarily produced by Mannie Fresh.

Mr. Collipark

Michael Crooms, better known by his stage name Mr. Collipark and also known as DJ Smurf, is a hip hop producer and the president of his own Atlanta-based record label, Collipark Music, which was started in 1999.[1]

The name Collipark was derived from the city College Park, Georgia. Crooms is credited as playing a major role in the career of the Ying Yang Twins,[2] Soulja Boy, Taurus, Hurricane Chris, V.I.C., and Vistoso Bosses.

In 2007, Mr. Collipark won BMI's "Songwriter of the Year" award.[3] He was also nominated for a 2008 Grammy for his work with Soulja Boy.[4]

In 2011, Mr. Collipark debuted his mixtape Can I Have the Club Back Please, which features tracks from artists like Translee, Treal Lee & Prince Rick and the Ying Yang Twins.[

Wick-it the instigator

Wick-it the Instigator is a multi-genre DJ and producer known as a breath of fresh air in an otherwise over-crowded EDM scene. His SoundCloud page is one of the top 200 most active pages on the entire site, garnering more then 40,000 followers and over 7 MILLION plays. Impressive numbers like these, which recently landed him at #5 on Billboard's Next Big Sound chart, aren't just a testament to his top-notch production skills, but also his keen ability to build and harness a highly interactive online fan base (1,500+ Facebook Fans added weekly). In 2012, Microsoft recognized that direct audience connection and chose Wick-it to produce a song for their Windows 8/Angry Birds: Star Wars commercial that they blasted to millions of prime-time viewers. With successful headline tours supplemented by huge sets at major festivals, it's obvious his talent and success extend far beyond the studio.


Born in the U.K. But hailing from Nashville, KDSML merges the British Isles love for electronic progressivism with the South's love for the big, big bass tying them together with a turntablist's fleet fingers and an ear-to-ear grin that's as contagious as it is honest. With twenty years behind the tables and a family steeped in DJ culture like few others, KDSML's approach to production and performance is as natural as it gets. His cuts and scratches are technical but seamless—often invisible in the scope of the greater mix. His track selections, bold, exciting, find the precious middle ground between atmosphere and melody, song-structure and sound design. From his first full-length album Secret Recipe to his Trapjaw series of mixtapes, KDSML has explored the depths of hip hop and electronic music's overlapping aesthetics gliding between the two and pushing the envelope of what dance music can and should be.

DJ Tanner & Uncle Jesse

DJ TANNER & UNCLE JESSE is the brainchild of 90’s inspired Producer / DJ duo Kyle Lampi and Taylor Truett. This up and coming duo is legitimizing Nashville's electronic music scene with a contemporary dance spin on the ever popular tracks of the most beloved 90’s artists. The 90’s was indisputably the best decade for music and DJ TANNER & UNCLE JESSE add their signature touch to many of the familiar and not so familiar tracks from this epic era. Catch them at the hottest clubs in Nashville or on the road at one of their legendary THAT 90's LIFE parties.

AJ & The Jiggawatts

From the opening bars of their debut LP, you can tell AJ & The Jiggawatts came to play rough. In a world where mid tempo and middle of the road soul permeates the airwaves, this crew of G.E.D. Soul killers are drawing a line in the sand by making soul music that hits harder, faster and nastier than just about anyone in the game today. AJ Eason's gin soaked vocal howls drip with a carefree carousing not unlike that of a street smart hustler making moves to make ends meet. The band follows suit with highly syncopated melodics, often at breakneck speed, all while maintaining an almost inhuman tightness. Toss all of these elements into a highball glass and garnish with a pinch of rock n' soul and you've got the makings for a serious raw soul cocktail.

Rio Ville

As a producer, singer, and songwriter working primarily with hip-hop and popular music, Rio stands alone in what is also known as the Country Music Capital of the world, Nashville. His musical style is soulfully infused with a pop twist that only he can create. His sound is notorious for combining deep, hard-hitting baselines reminiscent of the southern rap songs with soothing, graceful melodies. Rio’s early work with various gospel groups would even garner him a Dove nomination. After moving on from gospel music, Rio’s library came to house everything from Electro / Hop tunes such as the title track “Good Morning, Dreamer” to the smokey but driven “Sex and Sativa.” He is currently in the process of releasing singles from his upcoming project, Good Morning Dreamer, in which he hopes to fully express his point of view as an artist and producer of this project. Rio is passionate about representing Nashville and also showing the world it’s often unheard, urban side.


Jeremy Todd (aka DJ Coach) hails from the Nashville electronic scene where he has 4 weekly gigs at clubs around town. He spins at local hot spots PLAY, 12th and Porter, and MAI every week and has accumulated a fan base that pulls from every different scene in Nashville.

His musical influences range from Daft Punk, Breakbot, Treasure Fingers, and MSTRKRFT along with many bloghouse acts that gain most of their notoriety through word of mouth. Jeremy tends to shy away from most Top 40 music and focuses on more underground music that most people do not get to here on a daily basis. Mashups and Remixes are his songs of choice along with a love of French Pop.


Jeremy was even in a musical group 3,2,1 Famous that you can buy on itunes and whose songs have made it onto some TV shows. His love for music is equalled by his love to just throw a good party.

DJ Rage

DJ Rage, the son of prominent Milwaukee Wi DJ, Larry K. Myles, first showed an interest in DJ’ing at the age of 15 via house parties held in Nashville, TN. In 1995 DJ Rage relocated to his hometown of Milwaukee, WI and continued to service house parties while shadowing various Milwaukee DJ’s such as Tony Neal In 2002 DJ Rage found himself back in Nashville shadowing DJ’s Derrick (“The Big DM”) Mason, Darryl Jaye, C-Wiz, C-Lo, and Bryant D In 2003, DJ Rage established himself as a member of Dj Whoo Kid's (50 Cent's Dj) Collective The Shadyville Dj's, Ludacris' Dtp Dj's and Nelly's Derrty Djs. Dj Rage Holds Down The Crash Ya Car Old School Hip Hop And R&B Mixshow On 92.1 Fm (92Q) In Nashville On Fridays From 6-7Pm, The Top 40 (Rhythmic/Crossover) Mixshow Club 106 Saturdays From 9-12am on Power 106.9fm In Omaha, Ne And The Sky Show On The Rhythm 105.9 Yuba City, Ca Fridays from 10-11pm.


Dj Rage Has Worked With / Opened For Kid Capri, dj Jazzy Jeff, Questlove,Young Jeezy, Rickey Smiley, Cedric The Entertainer, Silk, Angela Winbush, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Freddie Jackson, Miguel And Has Worked At Numerous Clubs / Venues In Nashville And Surronding Cities such as The Historic Ryman Auditorium, Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Municipal Auditorium, The Wildhorse Saloon, The Rialto Theater In Atlanta To Name A Few. DJ Rage is known for his impeccable spinning styles, professional attitude, and friendly disposition. He has a great knowledge base of professional mixing and blending of music to keep audiences moving nonstop.DJ Rage

Kelsey Muse

Moving from Oklahoma to Nashville, TN in 2003 to pursue her music career, Kelsey Muse is blessed to have accomplished at a young age what many take a lifetime to achieve. In 2009, she started out as a featured artist/actress in the TV show series, "iShine Knect" along with fellow artists like Jamie Grace & Luke Benward. At 17, she became an award winning writer by Song Circle (Billboard & Emi). As a performer she was honored to be chosen to showcase for three divisions of the NACA College Circuit in 2010. "Dear You" was a featured song for the Nick @Nite TV show, "Hollywood Heights" in 2012.

Kelsey sings and raps, writes and plays several instruments. A sonic pioneer of rare caliber, she fuses a wide range of influences, spanning from Jimi Hendrix and Kid Cudi to Alanis Morissette and Sia. Her sound is sexy, and the way her voice weaves in and out of the sonic landscape is fresh and mesmerizing. As a writer, she works to translate complicated ideas into simple phrases. “I approached the EP as if I were writing a novella,” she explains. “Whatever it is, I’m not afraid to talk about it.” She is a provocateur, the kind that can shine a light on your darkest and most subtle psychological tick. Without effort she is able to pull you through the mirror.

Kelsey has her own unique, edgy pop/hip-hop sound and a knack for taking past hits and re-arranging and reviving them to make them huge crowd pleasers once again. Her original songs grab you as they talk about real-life experience that everyone can relate to.

Her song “1994” channels the spirit of that year. Her vocal delivery fuses hip hop, rock, and pop. The music is up-tempo and dripping with attitude. Another song, "Static Life" is pulsing with a fierce sexuality, with a hint of Amy Winehouse mingled with Gwen Stefani in the vocals, and Gorillaz in the music. It sounds like a head-bobbing classic.

DJ Casanova

DJ Carlos Casonova was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. - music has always been a big influence in his life, mainly because his mother was a latin club singer performing in New York City. DJ Casanova started DJing in High School doing the school dances and in college he DJ'd for most dorm parties. While in college he started working local Venues/Nightclubs in New York. Since he considers himself from the "Old School", he had great opportunities to meet with the finest artists of the 1980's. From Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc to Charlie Chase at Disco Fever, this took his DJing career to a whole different level. As he has told many, "This experience of being a DJ has been my passion ever since!".


Night Clubs where he held residencies and/or was featured include: Disco Fever, The Plums, The Avalon, The Chance, Miracles, Devils Den Boogeys, The Knight Club, Flannagans, Capricorn II, Funhouse, Limelight, Paradise Garage, Broadway 96, The Roxbury, The Brary Sports Lounge, The Island Bar & Grille, The Princess Theatre, The Limit Nashville,The Blue Bar,Mad Donna's and Galaxy Disco,Helan Back Nashville


Artists he worked with include: Steve Lucas Productions, B.M.R. Productions, Cadillac Don & J. Money, Baby Huey, Chyna White, Lil' Boosie, Marc Wayne, Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, D-Train, Nolan Thomas, Lilo Thomas, Shannon, The Fatboys, Billy Idol, The Temptations, Sugar Hill Gang, Grandmaster Flash, Crash Crew, Funkadelic, DJ Mary Thomas (KISS-FM), DJ Van Richie, DJ Red Alert (KISS-FM),