Born in the U.K. But hailing from Nashville, KDSML merges the British Isles love for electronic progressivism with the South's love for the big, big bass tying them together with a turntablist's fleet fingers and an ear-to-ear grin that's as contagious as it is honest. With twenty years behind the tables and a family steeped in DJ culture like few others, KDSML's approach to production and performance is as natural as it gets. His cuts and scratches are technical but seamless—often invisible in the scope of the greater mix. His track selections, bold, exciting, find the precious middle ground between atmosphere and melody, song-structure and sound design. From his first full-length album Secret Recipe to his Trapjaw series of mixtapes, KDSML has explored the depths of hip hop and electronic music's overlapping aesthetics gliding between the two and pushing the envelope of what dance music can and should be.