Kelsey Muse

Moving from Oklahoma to Nashville, TN in 2003 to pursue her music career, Kelsey Muse is blessed to have accomplished at a young age what many take a lifetime to achieve. In 2009, she started out as a featured artist/actress in the TV show series, "iShine Knect" along with fellow artists like Jamie Grace & Luke Benward. At 17, she became an award winning writer by Song Circle (Billboard & Emi). As a performer she was honored to be chosen to showcase for three divisions of the NACA College Circuit in 2010. "Dear You" was a featured song for the Nick @Nite TV show, "Hollywood Heights" in 2012.

Kelsey sings and raps, writes and plays several instruments. A sonic pioneer of rare caliber, she fuses a wide range of influences, spanning from Jimi Hendrix and Kid Cudi to Alanis Morissette and Sia. Her sound is sexy, and the way her voice weaves in and out of the sonic landscape is fresh and mesmerizing. As a writer, she works to translate complicated ideas into simple phrases. “I approached the EP as if I were writing a novella,” she explains. “Whatever it is, I’m not afraid to talk about it.” She is a provocateur, the kind that can shine a light on your darkest and most subtle psychological tick. Without effort she is able to pull you through the mirror.

Kelsey has her own unique, edgy pop/hip-hop sound and a knack for taking past hits and re-arranging and reviving them to make them huge crowd pleasers once again. Her original songs grab you as they talk about real-life experience that everyone can relate to.

Her song “1994” channels the spirit of that year. Her vocal delivery fuses hip hop, rock, and pop. The music is up-tempo and dripping with attitude. Another song, "Static Life" is pulsing with a fierce sexuality, with a hint of Amy Winehouse mingled with Gwen Stefani in the vocals, and Gorillaz in the music. It sounds like a head-bobbing classic.